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Apple Environmental has spent the last few years developing a product dedicated to the breakdown and decontamination of methamphetamine residue. There are other products currently on the market being used for meth cleanup, but these products were developed for other purposes.  We have provided certified meth decontamination services in Utah for several years and have been using and researching meth clean up products and methods and have not been satisfied with what the market had to offer.  Through our frustration we came across a chemist who offered to help us figure what worked and why.  After years of laboratory testing and field applications we were able to pinpoint the formula.  This powerful cost effective new cleaning solution is non-toxic, non-corrosive, bleach-free, phenol-free, environmentally friendly with no filmy residue or alcohol after smell.  There is also added value in the fact that we actually complete decontamination work and can answer your questions about application and use.

Apple Environmental Meth Remover Products are available to you for only $199.00. We also offer our Meth Remover products to be ordered by the pallet offering you a discounted price for bulk orders of 12 or more for only $179.00 each. Click the products below to learn more.

5 gallons per box, one 2.5 gallon jug – Apple Environmental Meth Remover Part 1, One 2.5 gallon jug – Apple Environmental Meth Remover Part 2 per box. When mixed together Meth Remover is a 5 gallon mixture.  Covers up to 2000 sq feet,  see direction of use for more details or watch a video on how to use the product by clicking here.

Call 801-871-5906 if you need help with your order or have product questions.

How Does Meth Remover Work?

The active ingredients in this meth decontamination agent attack the methamphetamine molecule and break it down.  Methamphetamine or meth is produced chemically, therefore it can be broken down chemically.  The technology for meth removal has caught up with this nationwide epidemic.  Some of the molecular ingredients are released into the ambient air i.e. nitrogen which makes up 78% of the air we breathe and oxygen which makes up 21% of the air we breathe.  Components left on the surface are water, salts, and a slight layer of soap.  The soap is used not only to help clean the surfaces of dirt and grime, but to help the decontamination agent better adhere to the surface and not just run off before it has a chance to do it’s job.

Why Meth Remover?

Using Apple Environmental Meth Remover gives professionals the confidence of remediating meth contaminated properties with safe, effective crime scene cleanup.  This two part formula is fast and efficient helping to reduce your costs and create a desirable living environment for your clients.  Apple Environmental Meth Remover leaves no filmy residue or chemical smell, the property has no odor upon completion, it just smells clean.

Apple Environmental Meth Remover is a revolutionary, two part product designed specifically for the removal and break down (neutralization) of methamphetamine residue.

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